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Chief says shots were justified

Christopher Lilly (Source: Dougherty County Jail) Christopher Lilly (Source: Dougherty County Jail)
Jeremy Baer (Source: Dougherty County Jail) Jeremy Baer (Source: Dougherty County Jail)

January 22, 2007

Albany --  The Dougherty County School Police Chief says he stands behind his officer's judgement to fire three shots at three teenagers who broke into an Albany school, just before 5:00 AM Saturday at Northside Elementary on 14th Avenue. 

Officer Michael Hudson, an eight-year Police veteran, was searching the school because an alarm had been set off.   When he turned a corner in the dark building, he was surprised by a person only four feet away from him, and drew his gun.  

"At that point officer Hudson realized he was in the hallway with three individuals. He gave the command to stop, identified himself as a police officer.  The subjects had movement. Officer Hudson fired his weapon three times and the individuals fled," said Dougherty Co. Schools Chief Troy Conley.

None of Hudson's shots hit the three people.  Christopher Lilly, 17, along with 17-year-old Jeremy Baer, and a 16-year-old were arrested and charged with burglary. School Police made pictures of where they broke into the school's kitchen from the roof.     

Chief Conley said the teens all had silver spray paint cans or cameras in their hands when they first confronted Officer Hudson.  Conley said he will take no disciplinary action against Hudson.