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Ashburn girl receives a day in her honor

January 21, 2007

Ashburn - - When a six year old Ashburn girl puts her mind to something, she does it and leaves a lasting impression on people she comes in contact with. The city of Ashburn is naming a day after one of it's own residents, Caitlin Ede Holmes.  

During the day, she spends her time in home school. After her lesson is done, she's plotting a plan to spread love.

Caitlin Ede Holmes, also known as Katie, spent all of last year saving her allowance. During the holidays, she bought 400 teddy bears for the elderly.

"She saw my mother holding a bear that she gave her and my mom would hold that bear when there was nothing else there because all her kids are grown now. Katie decided every elderly person needed a bear like her great grandmother," says Katie's grandmother Edith Holmes. 

Now she wants to start a toy and book drive to send to children in Africa.

"Because people need love," Katie says.

She's started writing a book and was just recently invited to New York to meet with the owner of a publishing and publicity company.

Katie has also recorded a C.D. Lyrics from one song say, "I go to school. Nothing can stop me from obeying the rules."

With her grandmother, she flips through a photo album of memories of past projects. From the teddy bear giveaways, to her Feed the Children project, the memories only inspire her to make more.

"It's very uplifting and it gives us an outlook of our future, hopefully anyway," says Ashburn NAACP President Jerry Lowe.

It also gives hope that even a child can make a difference.

"With long kinky curly braids hanging down my back, rat tat tat, I got it like that," Katie raps to another tune she wrote.

Remember the face. Chances are, this won't be the last we'll see of it. 

The City of Ashburn gave Katie a proclamation declaring February 19th Katie Bear Day.


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