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Wildcats Searching for Talent

January 20, 2007

Albany -- The South Georgia Wildcats are looking for changes this season, and improvement on last year's 3-13 record.

The Cats bringing in a new coaching staff for 2007, but it'll be about two months before Derek Stingley and company can take field for training camp.

The Wildcats are not taking it easy, though, as Saturday South Georgia welcomed in players from all over the area for an open tryout at Albany State.

New Wildcats offensive coordinator Rickey Foggie is a two-time AF2 coordinator of the year, and says he's happy to be out on the field for an open tryout.

"It's refreshing for me as a coach to be able to get back into the groove of things, cause I haven't really been doing it for the last four or five months," says Foggie. 

Derek Stingley makes the move from Macon to lead South Georgia this season, and says they're always on the lookout to add to the roster.

"You always look to find a diamond in the rough, cause you never know," says Stingley. "Some guys slip through the cracks."

Foggie adds, "We've seen some pretty good talent. That's what we expected."

Stingley says the local talent is pretty impressive, and the camps actually have a pretty high success rate.

"I've signed maybe one or two guys, from each camp I've had," says the Wildcats head coach. 

Former Albany State stand-out Alvin Ray Jackson was one of the players signed from the Wildcats tryout last season, and he says he's rooting for a few more to make it.

"I've seen a lot of guys looking for a chance to get a shot," says Jackson. "There's nothing wrong with getting a shot, and I hope some of them do."

Greg Golden is in his first year with the Wildcats, and says, "I've seen some pretty impressive talent. Anything that they bring in to help the team is going to benefit us."

The addition of Golden to the roster should also help the Cats this season, as Golden caught 13 touchdown passes and made 65 tackles for Memphis last season.

The Wildcats open up the season at home against Arkansas on March 31st.

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