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Grill maker keeps jobs in America

January 20, 2007

Albany -- A Georgia grill manufacturing company makes efforts to keep jobs in the country, even though outsourcing the jobs would save thousands of dollars.

The popular Holland Grills were on display at the Modern Gas store on Broad Avenue, and the grill's creator was also there for the demonstration. Brad Holland patented the design of his grills then sold the patent to Jebco Incorporated in order to keep his grill made in America.

Despite higher costs to his company and to consumers, Holland says he'll continue to make them in Georgia to support our country's economy.

"People here are making $8, $10 $12 an hour. People in China are making 25 cents an hour. So they can actually hand polish it and make it real pretty, and still make them for 1/4 the price it costs us to make them here," said Brad Holland.

Holland estimates that directly and indirectly about 350 Americans have jobs that deal with manufacturing, selling, or distributing his grills.



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