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Girl Scout cookies healthier now

January 19, 2007

Albany - It's that time of year so many of us have been waiting on. Girl Scout cookies are on sale. And this year there's an extra treat for the health conscious. A new sugar free cookie is available, and trans fats have been removed from the sweet treats.

When you hear Thin Mint or Samoa, the first thought that probably comes to mind is Girl Scout Cookies. "They pretty much sell themselves. You say girl scout cookies and everybody's ears just perk up," says Sandy Jarrell.  Her daughter just joined the Brownies. Year number one and Sandy's already busy helping 6-year old Cheyenne sell her fair share of treats, but it's not hard. Sandy says, "They'll snatch it (the form) from you and fill it out."

 Kristel Baranko is the Marketing and Development Director for the Girl Scouts. She says people don't always just buy a box or two.  Baranko says, "People come in and they'll buy 3 or four cases at a time."

And now they can make some healthier choices when picking up their favorite cookies. The girl scouts program promotes a healthy lifestyle, a message that's even passed along to their cookies. There are 0 Trans fats in every box and now there's a new type of cookie that's sugar free.  Baranko says, "We now have a sugar free cookie, it's diabetic friendly it's called Little Brownie, a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie which is always real nice and if you're a dieter and love the cookies and love the chocolate, it's a great alternative to your basic chocolate cookie."

Sandy thinks the new cookie is a great idea.  She's on the weight watchers program and has lost 17 pounds.  With guilt free treats like the new Little Brownies, she hopes to shed a few more.  Sandy says, "I'm going to try them and see what the points are."

A new twist on a yearly tradition.  She says, "I think it's great for someone who's trying to lose weight or other people who are diabetic." But no longer have to feel deprived.

Just in case you're wondering, the best selling cookie in Southwest Georgia is the Samoa.  The best seller nationwide, is the thin mint. If you want to order some cookies, but don't know a girl scout, you can still order them.  Just call the council office.  That number is 229-432-9188 or 800-448-4762.



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