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Never too late to remember the dream

January 18, 2007

Albany - - Students at Albany State University spent Wednesday remembering the dream. 

Students held a Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration on campus.

Guest speaker George Curry addressed the group about his experience living through the civil rights movement. He also spoke about the struggles African-Americans experienced before the movement and how students today have an obligation to overcome current stereotypes.

Students say they got a lot out of it.  

"I think it's something that we need. We need to be educated about our past. Like Marcus garvey said ' a people without knowledge of his past is like a tree without roots", you can't grow so I think it's a perfect opportunity for us to grow as students," says Student Government President Rubin Pusha.

George Curry is a former editor-in-Chief of Emerge News Magazine. He is recognized by the National Association of Black Journalists as one of the most Influential Black Journalists of the 20th Century.


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