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Commissioners disagree on how consolidation vote is viewed

January 17, 2007

Albany - Some dissention Wednesday among Dougherty County Commissioners. After a regular called meeting, Lamar Hudgins questioned why fellow commissioner John Hayes has been blaming the commission for his vote.

Hudgins says columns written by Hayes, and published in a local paper, claim the commission acted in haste when voting whether to send the charter along to the General Assembly. Hayes says he only voted against the charter because he wanted more time.

Here's some of the dialogue that occurred at the meeting:

Hayes:  "That is purely my view on that and I'm sorry that it did not meet your approval."

Hudgins:  "No. It's fine with my approval, you have to live with your vote, I don't."

Hayes:  "I can deal with it. I can absolutely deal with it."

Hudgins:  "Good. Fine."

Hudgins, Chuck Lingle, and chairman Jeff Sinyard voted in favor of consolidation. Hayes, Art Searles and Jack Stone voted against.

The commission can reconsider the charter is a commissioner who voted against moving forward with the consolidation places it on the agenda.



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