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130 Recommendations to APD in management study

January 16, 2007

Albany -- Experts say the Albany Police Department has a lot of room for improvement. The results of a three month management study of A-P-D are in with 130 recommendations for changes. Chief James Younger says he values this study, and plans to start working to implement many of these recommendations soon.

Chief James Younger says this management study, done by Police and Associates, is an important next step in his goal of improving the Albany Police Department. Chief James Younger said "I do think we have some work to do, and this study gives us a starting point. "

The 27 pages of recommendations include hiring up to three Assistant Chiefs, and naming Commanders to oversee each District. The consultants says the department should equip officers with less lethal weapons like tasers, bean bag rounds, pepper spray guns and foggers.

 Establish a K-9 unit to increase officer safety and help with searches and drug enforcement. The study said police dogs would help with building searches in thousands of burglary cases Police investigate.

Other recommendations , Start their own training academy, to train and educate officers on Police work. And re-establish a community advisement board to get more input from people in Albany about Police performance.

Younger said he would start work now on implementing many of these recommendations. Chief Younger said "try to establish a strategic plan to accomplish these recommendations within the next three years."

 Chief Younger says part of the study included a public survey, which gave APD generally good grades. Chief Younger said "we do have some more to do. For example 74 percent of the citizens had not felt the need to change their habits because of their fear of crime. I'd like to see that number by the end of this year in the high 80's or 90's."

 Chief Younger says he will put together a group of police officers and community members to help him with the study's implementation.

The city paid $20,000 for the Albany Police management study.

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