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Bridge construction nears completion

January 16, 2007

Thomasville--  The Department of Transportation has worked on the Madison Street bridge since last January.  They say if all goes well, the bridge should be open in the next two months.  For drivers and business owners in the area, that day can't come soon enough.

Construction on the Madison Street bridge is right on the doorstep of the Southern Trim Shop. Owner Grady Register says that's made normal operation of his business a challenge.  "A few times, I was paralyzed I couldn't get the cars in and out you know. But they've been good to work with me though," said Register.

Because of the bridge's construction, the department of transportation set up a detour. That stops a lot of traffic from ever getting down to Southern Trim Shop.  "Most people are not going to bring their nice car down here in this kind of mess and I can understand that, I sure can," Register said.

Motorists who have to take the detour everyday are getting fed up.  "They need to fix it," exclaimed one such driver.  Another said, "its taking too long, we talk about it at work all the time."

The Department of Transportation says for the most part, the bridge's construction has gone according to plan, with no major set backs.

"Hopefully they'll start putting some asphalt here, the latter part of the week, or next week, hopefully," Register said.

DOT says if all goes well and the weather cooperates, the bridge will open by spring. And when that happens, everyone will be a lot happier.  "Hopefully business will pick up," said Register.

"Its not that much time but it's just having to go all the way around and your used to going across the bridge everyday," said one driver.

The total cost of the Madison Street Bridge project is just over $6 million, and DOT says it will come in on budget.


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