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Wild Stallions

January 15, 2007

Tifton -- You'll have to forgive the ABAC Men's basketball team if they happen to forget where the home locker room is at The Stable.

The Stallions have been on the road constantly this season, playing just one game on campus in the past two months.

But the time away hasn't hurt the team, in fact, ABAC is nationally ranked for the first time in head coach Todd Sheppard's four seasons, and boasts a thirteen game winning streak.

The Stallions are ranked eighteenth in the nation, and tied for first place in the conference.

ABAC finally returns home tomorrow night for a big match-up with South Georgia Tech.

Sheppard says all the time on the road is actually a benefit for the Stallions.

"It's become a very tight-knit group because of being on the road," says Sheppard, "and to win a conference championship, and to get to the national tournament and do some things, you have to be able to win on the road. I think it definitely helped us."

Sophomore Brandon Shingles adds, "It helped us learn. We had to learn early how to deal with the crowd, the referees, and it's just better helping us out."

Coach Sheppard says a win streak and national ranking are great for increasing the profile of the school, especially when it comes to recruiting, but the team is just worried about one game at a time.

"I really didn't even think about (the streak) until a couple of games ago when someone asked me the question," says Sheppard.  "I think you just have to continue to focus on the next game. Win or lose, the goal of our team is always to be the best we can be at the end of the year."

Sophomore De'jon Everson says, "We just try to learn from it, and not worry about it. Just keep playing, because rankings don't mean nothing, because you can get beat any given day." 

ABAC is currently 16-2, and play SGTC Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

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