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Building on King's dream

January 15, 2007

Valdosta - Dr. Martin Luther King spent his life fighting injustice and building a better community.

On a day meant to honor him, many Georgians worked to continue building on King's dream.  "So we thought we'd take today as a holiday from Georgia Power to take advantage of the holiday and really put Dr. King's words into action," says Bonita Hodges.

"We actually call it a day on instead of a day off so that we can support the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King in trying to help build the community and to help them grow and develop," Terri Lupo adds.

For almost 30 employees of Georgia Power, this meant picking up a hammer and some nails for Habitat for Humanity.  "It really makes you feel good to know you are helping someone in your community have an opportunity to better themselves if you get out and you do some things to make the community a better place to live and work," says Lupo.

For most of them, it's the first house they've ever helped to build, but they say the experience they'll always remember.  "I will have to drive by and look at it. It will be great knowing I played a part in building this house," Hodges says.

"So one day I'll ride by this street and see a family and maybe some kids actually playing in the yard and think I was able to contribute to that," says Lupo.

Habitat officials hope that like King's dream, the experience of community service is something all volunteers will continue year round.

Habitat Officials hope to have the house completed by the end of the week.

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