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Bainbridge celebrates MLK day

January 15, 2007

Bainbridge--  People in the city of Bainbridge celebrated Dr. King's birthday today.  There was a good turnout for the celebration, including a large number of young people.

Opening ceremonies at the courthouse were followed by a parade down Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.  Event organizers say they want the atmosphere of today's celebration to carry on throughout the year.

"It brings people together and uh, we making them aware of the drugs and the alcohol in the community, teen pregnancy. The ministers, theres a group they get together and they talk on that. It's a continuation, it isn't just today. We wanna live Dr. King everyday," said event organizer Liz Tomlin.

The parade ended at Hutto Middle School for a program honoring Dr. King, Coretta Scott King, and Rosa Parks.



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