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Engineers want to research tools for dairy farmers

January 13, 2007

Tifton - - Earlier this month, we told you about a farming project developed by University of Georgia engineers that has taken off nationwide. Now engineers believe that project could benefit even more farmers.

Variable rate irrigation is a concept developed by engineers at UGA's Tifton campus that allows farmers to electronically set the amount of water that is dispersed throughout a field at a given time. This is helpful for farmers because not all crops need the same amount of water throughout the field.

Now researchers believe the system could develop into an improved crop management tool for dairy farmers who use waste application.

"We think a system like variable rate irrigation could help them tailor their waste application to their soil type, to the areas in the field that maybe don't need waste applied and allow them to do a better job to apply waste water so were hoping that will get funded and we'll go from there," says Agricultural Engineer Calvin Perry.

Federal and state regulations limit where dairy farmers can apply waste in fields.

Perry hopes to receive funding to allow engineers to better research the concept.




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