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Business owners say Don't Dump Here!

January 13, 2007

Albany - - Some East Albany business owners say people are illegally dumping trash outside of their business and they believe its drug related.

The owners of El Lobo Hairstyles located in the same plaza as Harvey's Grocery Store on East Ogelthorpe, say there's a continuous problem with trash being dumped on their property and they want the city to monitor it better.

They believe it's coming from people living in a mobile home park directly behind their business.

"They do they just put it on the ground if the dumpster is full, they just put it on the ground and there's paper scattered everywhere, it's just a mess," say Jack and Joann Hatcher.

Arthur Butler of Albany's Code Enforcement Department says he's witnessed the problem coming from people on drugs looking for food in the dumpsters. As a result, he says trash ends up on the ground. He says other people use the dumpster and leave personal documents behind. That's how they track the owners.

Illegal dumping is a misdemeanor. A person can face up to a $1,000 fine or work detail.


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