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The best selling book of all time, may be studied in public schools

January 12, 2007

Albany - The Bible may find its way back into Georgia public schools. The State Board of Education will allow high school students to study the history and literature of the Old and New testaments. High schools could begin offering the courses as early as next school year.

 Everyday, students at Byne Christian Academy in Albany learn reading, math, science and what the bible says about those subjects.  John Davis, the Head of School, says bringing the bible into the classroom can work in amazing ways.  He says, "We believe that the bible was ordained by God."

And Davis thinks it's great that students in public schools will now get a chance to learn what's in the good book.   "I think it's great that public schools can bring the bible back," says Davis. 

Jakia Parker, an 11th grade Student at Monroe High School agrees. She says she believes learning about the old and new testaments will bring more religious tolerance.  She says,  "Maybe it will bring down tension between religions."

American Government teacher, Ronald Dees, says Bible classes will help students learn the historical basis for many laws.  And that's how the bible will be discussed. Not for spiritual purposes, but for educational.

Though Davis says the inspired book will reach students just how God wants it too.  He says, "I think any approach that you use, whether it be used in God's word literally or taking sections of the word as we do in the classroom and teaching through history, teaching God's laws throughout history, throughout science, throughout other subjects will benefit those students."  

Schools do not have to offer the bible courses and students don't have to take them. They will be offered only as an elective course, which is not required for graduation.