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Step back in time at Chehaw

January 12, 2007

Albany - - Looking for something to do this weekend? How about taking a trip back in time.

History has come alive at the 14th Annual Frontier Festival at Chehaw. The exhibits feature American life from the 1700's to 1840.

Campers are decked out in clothing from various time periods, including the French and Indian War. There are plenty of demonstrations for visitors to re-live a piece of history.  

"We're shooting some black powder rifles, some primitive archery, the blacksmiths are out there plowing their trade with their forges doing some work, they also are making candles, making soap, spinning wool, yawn, starting fires of flint and steel, a lot of cooking over the campfires, a lot of neat and interesting things," says Ben Kirkland.

There's no extra charge to check out the American Frontier.

It lasts through Sunday.  


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