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Weather saving people hundreds this winter

January 11, 2007

Albany -- The warm winter is saving people hundreds of dollars, in home heating costs.

After a long and hot summer of high energy bills Water Gas and Light workers say customers are quite relieved for the break.

This time of year is often a hard time for some customers to be able to pay their bills. Lorie Farkas of the commission is seeing fewer people in her office asking for assistance on their bills because balmy weather had made bills more manageable.

"Number one oil prices are lower. So certainly off the bat, prices are lower as we purchase natural gas, people who are using natural gas to heat with, and then for people who are using electricity to heat their homes, again we really haven't had much cold weather," said Lorie Farkas.

The warm winter is not helping those in the home heating or skiing industry. They rely on the cold winter months for business.



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