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Troops hear president first-hand

January 11, 2007

Columbus -- President George W. Bush came to Tort Benning Thursday afternoon to talk to the troops about his plans for the war in Iraq, a day after unveiling his new plan for the war.

The president brought his message about Iraq straight to the people most affected by his plan--  the troops and their families. The president had lunch with about 300 soldiers and military family members at Ft. Benning.

He then spoke for about 30 minutes, hitting the highlights of his new Iraq plan, and he expressed his gratitude to the troops and their relatives.

"You're part of a long tradition of people the group that has made great sacrifices so that hundreds of millions of people can enjoy the blessings of liberty and freedom, and the world will be more peaceful.  On September 11th , our nation saw firsthand the destructive vision of a new kind of enemy. And once again, the men and women of Fort Benning answered the call."

The president also met with family members of troops killed in Iraq and saw a demonstration of soldiers training for battle before he went back to Washington to battle his critics, who say his new way forward in Iraq is just more of the same old mistakes.


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