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Over 40 arrested in Thomas County drug raid

January 11, 2007

Thomas County - Deputies in a South Georgia county wrap up a lengthy campaign aimed at ridding the community of drugs and drug dealers.  And now almost 50 suspected dealers are behind bars.

Law Enforcement agencies in South Georgia teamed up to make one of the largest drug raids in Thomas County history.  "We were going around this morning arresting individuals we had warrants for selling cocaine and selling marijuana," says Kevin Lee, a Narcotics officer with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

By the end of the afternoon, deputies with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office arrested over 40 suspects.  These arrests ended a four-month investigation.  "We would go to them and purchase drugs with funds from our office, and it would all be recorded," he adds.

Deputies say the mission was easy.  "We all have one goal, and that's to make the streets safer and arrest people who violate the law."

And the local community is thankful.  "It makes me feel good.  Who wants a bunch of drug dealers on the street?  Drug deals gone bad, you always hear about that.  It's reassuring to know something is being done," says Thomas County resident Shelley Rudell.

Now they hope Thursday morning's raid will send a message to anyone looking to sell drugs in the county.  "I hope it shows we are an aggressive drug unit, and if we get complaints, then we are going to investigate it.  And if you are selling drugs, eventually we are going to catch you," says Lee.

And they'll continue working tirelessly to get dealers off the streets and behind bars.

Deputies with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office say the campaign wouldn't have been so successful without the help from police in Meigs and Boston, as well as the Georgia State Patrol.

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