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City installs new traffic lights

January 10, 2007

Albany - - City workers are upgrading traffic lights in Albany to make them easier to control and safer. 

If you've seen black plastic bags covering lights on Slappey Boulevard, that's because the city is replacing 13 traffic lights.

It's a gradual process. The city plans to replace lights on Oakridge and Newton Road as well.

The new lights are different from the other ones because they are installed with fiber optics.  

"It cuts down tremendously when you have lightening surges. In the past, that's knocked down a lot of traffic control boxes where you wont have the surges going through the fiber optics like you do the copper wire so this will be a big improvement," says Engineering Director Bob Alexander.

The Slappey project is expected to be completed by May. It costs $2,000,000 for those lights.


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