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Governor Perdue: Super speeders beware

January 10, 2007

Albany - - In 2005, 191 people in the 33 counties of our viewing area died in vehicle crashes. Law enforcement officers say many of those crashes resulted from people driving too fast. Governor Sonny Perdue wants to increase fines for repeat offenders and people who drive way over the speed limit.

You see them whether you're driving on an expressway or the interstate. Speed limit signs. If you disregard them, you may pay the price.

"It's on the verge of being in epidemic proportions," says Georgia State Patrol Commander Scott Woodell.

In 2006, his post pulled over 10,000 people. That's double the number of traffic stops his post made in 2005.

"We've made almost over 3000 more arrests, the majority of them being speeding.

In 2003, 1,610 people died from vehicle crashes on Georgia roads. In 2004, that number increased to 1,641. In 2005, there were 1,744 deaths.

So Governor Perdue wants to crack down on super speeders, stacking on a penalty in addition to a traffic citation. The penalty hasn't been determined but his spokesperson says it would be "hundreds of dollars".

Driver, Liz Mann says it will cause people to...

"Think again. Yeah, it's dangerous to be speeding on the highway."

But Melissa Brown says that won't cut it.

"If you said you'll lock people up if they're going 20 miles over the speed limit, I think it will make a lot of people slow down."

Commander Woodell says something needs to be done.

"If you get something that's going to financially impact you, you're less prone to repeat that same act."

You may just think again.

Currently, there's a statewide shortage of troopers. The Albany post is short two.

Governor Perdue's spokesperson says money raised from the proposed fines would go to state trauma care centers, rather than increasing the number of troopers at state posts. He says cracking down on speeders should decrease the need for more troopers.


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