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Tax cuts, health care top list during State of the State

January 10, 2007

Atlanta-  Health care, tax cuts, and teacher pay raises top the Governor's "to do" list.

In his annual state of the state address Wednesday, Governor Sonny Perdue said Georgia's economy is strong and compared the state's growth to a NASCAR race. The Governor's speech had several themes, education, where Perdue recommended a three percent pay raise for Georgia's teachers.

Perdue also focused on health care when he called on the federal government to come up with the matching funds for the kids Peach Care health insurance program. The Governor wants Georgians to make informed health care decisions.

"I want to create a system where Georgians can go online look up doctors, hospitals and compare not only costs but quality as well. Let's give our citizens the power to make health care decisions based on market principals, the control to choose how much they spend and where they seek health care," said Governor Sonny Perdue, (R) Georgia.

Perdue also plans to set aside 50 million dollars towards the purchase of undeveloped land to protect Georgia's natural resources.



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