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Thomasville kids get snow day

January 10, 2007

Thomasville-- It might have been chilly today but not quite cold enough for snow.  Except for at a primary school in Thomasville, that is.

Hand-in-hand primary school brought it a snow making machine to turn their front yard into a winter wonderland for their students to play in.  For a lot of the kids, it's their first time seeing snow. But teachers say its not just fun, it's educational too.

"The kids love it, and since we don't get snow in our commcunity while teaching winter and all about winter, and what happens during winter, we like for our kids to kind of be able to play in the snow," said kindergarten teacher, Catherine Thompson.

The snow making company brought in 48,000 pounds of ice in 300 pound blocks. The machine turns that into piles of powdery white snow, just like the real stuff.



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