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Disabled Thomasville man writes memoir

January 10, 2007

Thomasville-- Jason Walker has struggled with muscular dystrophy most of his life. It's been a struggle for his mom too, who's been his caretaker all of his twenty-nine years.

"It's changed my life, it's changed my family's life, it's changed Jason's life, but it's something I would never change again because he's one in a million," says Linda Walker, Jason's mom.

Jason's Muscular Dystrophy has progressively gotten worse.  He's been in a wheel chair since the age of 10.  He now relies on a respirator.  The only physical activity he can do, is speak.  "It's quite a challenge, saying it mildly," says Mrs. Walker.

Like many other men his age, one of Jason's biggest hobbies is watching football. He's an avid Florida State fan and goes to as many games as possible.

Last July that Jason decided he wanted to write a book.   He says it was "just something to do at first.  Then I figured it would give people an idea of what it's like to walk in my shoes everyday."

Using the internet, he teamed up with a ghost writer.  He relayed his thoughts and memories to her and she put it into e-book form, where it can be read on the internet.  Jason has a clear message he wants his book to give.

"Basically to get people, so they don't give up. To realize just because you struggle every day, you don't have to pack it in. To have a positive outlook," Jason says.

Still, he says, "and if I make money, then that's just an added bonus."

A bonus for a young man who's overcome more challenges than many of us will ever face. 

You can download Jason's memoir "Missing My Body" for just $8.  Jason says in the next few months it should be available in hard copy as well.


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