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Dougherty County High Schools to have 7th Period

January 9, 2007

Albany - The Dougherty County school system is now starting a 7th class period to help students graduate on time. By mid-January, all high-schools will have the added period, but students won't have their school day extended.

Rather, time will be taken from class transitions and other areas to allow for the extra period. The purpose of 7th period is to allow students prep time during school for the graduation test,  SAT, and to catch up if they failed a class or don't have enough credits to graduate.

 "That's the object of moving forward with this is to give our children an opportunity to really experience success the first time. No one wants to fail, " says Dianne Daniels, Curriculum Director for Dougherty County Schools.  She hopes the extra class period will help increase graduation rates.

Students who don't need extra help can pick an elective such as acting, debate, or a club activity.



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