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Georgia's NAACP calls for investigation

January 9, 2007

Cairo--Grady county's local NAACP branch claims they have evidence that two EMS employees made racial slurs at work.  Now, they say the county knows about it and is not taking action. The state NAACP is now calling for an investigation from outside Grady county to look into the matter and punish everyone involved.

At today's press conference on the steps of the Grady county courthouse, the NAACP expressed serious concerns with Grady county's leadership. "We're calling for an investigation outside of Grady county. Grady co. has demonstrated, its commissioners and its leadership that they're not going to do the right thing," said Edward Dubose, the President of Georgia's NAACP Conference.

The controversy stems from racial slurs and derogatory comments NAACP leaders say EMS employees made; one of them a supervisor. "There were to my knowledge, two employees that made the statements. One used the 'n' word, one referred to blacks as dogs," said John Monds, the President of the Grady County Branch of NAACP.

It was at Grady County EMS back in July that the supposed derogatory comments were made, during a conversation between white employees.  A couple of those employees where offended and reported them. "They came to us at our meeting in October.  They made some statements, gave us some statements about what was said and also what they had tried to do to have the problem addressed," said Monds.

The NAACP says they have statements from five employees.  But when the organization pressed the county administrator and the commission to look into it, they say it was not thoroughly investigated. "No one had come forward, and that to their knowledge there was no one that could corroborate the statements and the case was closed," said Monds. 

"We don't see the situation being handled because the same people are still employed," said Dubose.  Neither EMS nor the county chose to comment.

The NAACP says their considering their legal options.  The local NAACP president said that one of the employees who reported the comments to them was fired. But he says the county insists the firing had nothing to do with the charges the worker made.



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