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Thomas Co. rep wants longer terms

 January 9, 2007

Atlanta -- A south Georgia legislator wants to lengthen the terms for state representatives and senators.  State Representative Mike Keown of Thomas County expects to introduce the legislation this week requiring a constitutional amendment that would ask voters to increase lawmakers' terms from two to four years.

Over the next few days, many pieces of legislation will be introduced under the Gold Dome behind me. Representative Mike Keown's house bill will look to free up legislators from focusing on their campaigns and allow them more time to work on their constituents issues.

Coolidge Republican Representative Mike Keown represents Thomas County, and says two year terms are counter-productive. He said legislators spend too much time and money trying to get re-elected instead of focusing on legislation.

"State Representatives and State senators are spending anywhere from $50,000 to $350,000 to get elected every two years and I just think it's time to take a look at that and ask the people of Georgia, if they say no that's fine."

Keown said all other constitutional officers are elected every four years, he feels his proposal would just put everyone on equal footing.


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