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When it rains, it floods

January 7, 2007

Albany - - What would you do if you came home and you couldn't even get inside of your home? One Albany woman says when it rains, her whole yard floods, making it difficult to enter or leave her house. She feels she's getting no results from city officials.

At times, 81 year old Sally Warden feels she's living in a flood zone.

"It just floods all back here, comes right up to my door and then it comes to the building there and it goes in the building sometime."

Every time it rains, it pours over her yard and driveway that she can't afford to pave. This weekend reached its worse.

"First big rain like we had on Friday, same problem. It's been that way every time that we've had any substantial rain."

Friday, she couldn't get inside her home alone after returning from the grocery store.

"I had meat and milk and stuff that had to be drugged in. I was trying to get it in and I thought this is crazy."

A city official came to help her and take note of the excessive water that floods her yard since a drainage ditch, she says wont work.

Warden's next door neighbor also feels the water woes. At times, she can't park in her driveway and water covers the side entrance to her home.

"When it rains, water overshadows the driving entrance and we have to use the front entrance to come in," says Yaesia Bankston.

It rains on the children's parade.

"When we got out of church today, they wanted to go out and play but because of the standing water and the mud, I just tell them no."

Her and Warden want the city to do something.

"We have a big drainage ditch right behind there, why they cant put pipe and run it down to that drainage ditch?" Warden wonders.

Or add a working storm drain system in the neighborhood.

"I mean, there's gotta be a solution."

A solution to a problem that's causing a rainy mess. 

Warden says about five years ago, she paid the city to lay new pipe through her drainage system, but says it didn't work and every time she tries to get it resolved, she never gets any answers.

She plans to contact her city Commissioner to make the city listen up.

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