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Lipizzaners strut their stuff in Albany

January 4, 2007

Albany -- A unique horse show trots into town at the Civic Center. The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions impress hundreds of people with their graceful dance moves and specialized training.

Riders say it takes a special relationship between rider and horse to perform together.

With grace and elegance the Lipizzaner Stallions did what they were bred to do, perform precise and choreographed movements with their rider. The classical riding style is known as dressage, and it takes years for a person to perfect.

"It's very difficult. It takes a very long time to learn, 15 years minimum, and that's lessons everyday kind of thing," said head rider Amanda Rossiter.

Head rider Amanda Rossiter has been riding since she was just two years old. Now she's a rider and trainer with the world famous stallions, teaching them to walk and trot.

"Roxanne now shows us how it looks in canter. The canter is a beautiful manuever. You notice the special relationship between horse and rider," said Master of Ceremonies Troy Tinker.

Riders say it is that special relationship with the horse that keeps them performing with the traveling show.

"You know they're like our family. They're like our children. We care for them just like we would our own children, and you have to to be able to do this," said Rossiter.

Watching the partnership between the two is why many people come out to see the stallions.

"We've actually seen a video before but seeing it in person is just so much more majestic and impressive than just watching the video," said Toni Hatfield.

"People take away from the show the fact that they have witnessed a perfect relationship between human and animal, it's beautiful to watch," said Tinker.

The harmony of the stallions and riders is enjoyed by many.

"It's beautiful, and it's precise, and challenging," said Rossiter.

A challenge that horse and human take together step by step.

The world famous lipizzaner stallions show has been around for 37 years. The breeding of the lipizzaners began in Austria in the late 1500s.



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