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Albany State grad ready to make her mark

January 4, 2006

Albany--  A South Georgia woman hopes to take her faith to the big screen.  She's already well on her way.  

Melissa Diane Hudson has penned two book two novels including "Black Wedding Veil."  The book tackles sexually transmitted diseases and premarital sex among teens. Hudson's most recent project is "Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Deadly." 

The short film focuses on crystal meth usage by teenagers and the deadly consequences of their destructive behavior. The film was picked up by Starmaxx Media and will be entered into film festivals including Sundance before a National Christian Television release.

Hudson just wants her messages of faith to reach the world.

"Because that's something within me and I'm a Christian myself and I just want to help others know how good it is to be a Christian, that the world of materialistic things is not important. The only thing that's important is your soul so that's why I write for who I am," said Hudson.

Hudson is from Cairo, Georgia but now lives in Albany. She hopes to turn her novel "Black Wedding Veil" into a full length feature film in the future.  



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