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Lee Co. has routed 911 calls to Mitchell Co.

January 5, 2007

Lee County -- Phone lines at Lee County's 911 center are down. Emergency calls are being routed through the Mitchell County Sheriff's office.

Dispatchers in Mitchell County are using Southern Linc radio phones to relay calls to Lee County's 911 center. Lee dispatchers are then using cell phones to relay the calls to emergency responders.

Emergency workers don't know what has caused the lines to stop working or when Bellsouth will have the problem fixed.

"If they dial 911 those lines are transferred. If they just dial the administrative numbers, which is the seven-digit number, then it might not get through. During this time we encourage people only if it's an emergency should you dial," said Lee County E-911 Coordinator Larry Hill.

People who call Lee County's non-emergency number get a busy signal. So if you have an emergency in Lee County, call 911 and Mitchell County dispatchers will make sure the info gets to Lee County emergency workers.

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