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Chambliss supports troop boost- with limits

Saxby Chambliss (WALB) Saxby Chambliss (WALB)

January 3, 2007

Camilla-  President Bush is getting ready to share his new strategy in Iraq, and a key, controversial part of that plan may be increasing troop levels.

Wednesday, Republican U. S. Senator Saxby Chambliss said that's fine-- as long as those levels have time limits. 

Chambliss has been in touch with the White House and has sent his opinion to the President, and plans to support the President if he decides to increase troop levels in Iraq, but said those soldiers should have specific missions.

"If we're going to send more troops over there, and we're going to surge these troops, then it ought to be with a specific mission in mind. If it's to take out the militia, Al Satter and his folks, then that's fine, but once that mission is complete we need to bring that surging troops, those number of surging troops back home," said Chambliss. 

Chambliss said he doesn't want to see the number of troops increased for an indefinite time.



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