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Motorcycle Safety

January 2, 2007

Thomasville-  Fatalities in U.S. motorcycle accidents jumped from 22 hundred in 1995 to over 45 hundred in 2005 according to statistics.  Experts say that's because a lot more people are riding bikes now.

Some motorcycle drivers say a lot of the problem comes from automobile drivers not being aware of them on the road. "A lot of people don't recognize motorcycles as vehicles that are sharing the road also," said motorcyclist Jeff Boyd.

Experts say if motorists aren't already, there are things bikers can do to make drivers aware of them. "I would say that putting lights on the rear end of a bike, and on the front of the bike would be the most important thing," said Rick Vanderhoff, general manager of Vanderhoff Speed & Chrome.

Motorcycle experts say every time you get on your bike you should wear the protective gear. A jacket, eyewear, boots and a helmet, that's Department of Transportation approved.

Most importantly though, experts say to take the responsibility of driving a motorcycle seriously. "The accidents that I have seen, that I came across, or I have seen, they were people goofing around on a motorcycle. And a motorcycles just not something to goof around on," said Vanderhoff.

Automobile drivers should just try to be more aware of motorcycles on the road. "It's no different than looking out for a kid on a bike," said Vanderhoff.

Experts say if motorcyclists and automobile drivers just become more aware of each other, it should add to the safety of everyone.

The Georgia DMV offers motorcycle safety course all over the state, including Thomasville Albany and Americus.




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