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Voter ID law likely to resurface, this time voters could decide

January 2, 2007

Albany-  When Georgia's lawmakers return to Atlanta Monday they're expected to take up one piece of legislation they are very familiar with. For a third time, the legislature is expected to take up the issue of voter I.D.'s. 

Early last year the legislature approved the bill requiring all voters to show a photo I.D. to vote. In September, a federal judge blocked the state from enforcing voters to have a photo I.D. to cast a ballot.  Critics say the law could disenfranchise poor, minority, and elderly voters who are less likely to have a photo I.D. Supporters now plan to take the issue straight to voters. 

"There's talk about making it a voter referendum and talk of voter I.D. polls very well with everyday Georgia citizens, up over 80 percent and we'll never legislate based on what we think judges will do our jobs to legislate and then their job is to make sure it passes judicial muster," said Rep. Ed Rynders, (R) District 152. 

Right now, there are 17 kinds of identification that voters can show when going to the polls. They include a Georgia driver's license, current bank statement, social security card and even valid employee or student photo I.D.



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