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Vandals target mailboxes

December 30, 2006

Albany - - A South Albany neighborhood is vandalized after someone went through several streets smashing mailboxes, completely destroying some. Police say it's been a problem across Albany and in Lee County all this week. Saturday morning, 60 additional people became targets. 

Don't raise the red flags. At many of these homes, there aren't any.

"Just took a bat and beat it off the poll," James Malone recalls.

He noticed it Saturday morning. Vandals completely knocked down his mailbox. It's happened before.

"This was a new mailbox and they broke the first mailbox so I had to replace it the first time. Now you got to get another one. I got to get another one."

That's just what Larry Jackson had to do today. The sound of vandals at work woke him Saturday morning.

"Heard a smashing noise outside in my next door neighbor's yard so when I came out I took a look and I saw a guy smashing my mailbox."

That's when he hopped in the car to chase him. The vandals outraced him, but not after destroying several other mailboxes in this subdivision.

Residents are concerned it could lead to something worse.

"They aint got nothing else to do so they just go around here and knock over people's mailboxes. Next thing you know, they'll be breaking into people's houses," Malone says.

Jackson wants to work with county police to make sure vandals don't get away with this again.

"This just aint necessary, not for a neighborhood."  

Both have lived in the Riverdale subdivision for 12 years and say never has this been a problem. Jackson spoke with many of his neighbors and he wants to start a neighborhood crime watch program to fight back.

Dougherty County Police are looking for the persons involved. They believe one may have been driving a white car, possibly a Ford Thunderbird. Criminal Trespass is a misdemeanor.


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