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Bobo ready to lead Dogs offense

December 30, 2006

Atlanta -  The term offensive coordinator has been an honorary title at Georgia during the Mark Richt era until now.

Richt is turning the keys to the Bulldog offense over to assistant coach Mike Bobo who will call the offensive plays for Saturday's Chick-Fil-A bowl game against Virginia Tech.

The promotion to offensive coordinator isn't the only new responsibility Mike Bobo has been handed this year.

When Mark Richt was hired at Georgia, the former FSU offensive coordinator made it clear he would run the offense.

Six years later, Richt is handing control of the offense and play calling duties to quarterback coach Mike Bobo.

Bobo said"It just makes you really feel good that coach Richt has got the confidence in you to get the job done."

 In truth, Mark Richt has been prepping his assistant for the job.

 Richt has been allowing Bobo to calling plays during the final minute of each half recently.

 But while Bobo may now the one calling the plays, he still plans to consult with his boss.

Bobo said "I will lean heavily on coach Richt and the other coaches to make sure we continue doing what he have been doing in the past six years."

While it has been a great year professionally for Mike Bobo, it has been even better personally.

Mike's wife Lainie gave birth to triplets last January.

The three new additions to the Bobo family have kept mom and dad very busy.

Fortunately for Mike, his boss knows there are other things more important than football.

Bobo said "And another thing about coach Richt is that he just really stresses family and allows a lot of family time between coaches and family."

Once a coach becomes a coordinator the next step is a head coaching job.

Mike Bobo would love to one day become a head coach. But he is in no hurry to mail out the resumes anytime soon.

Bobo said "Like I have been telling people even before this year that I am in a good situation working for a great guy."

And Bulldog fans hope the combination of Mark Richt and Mike Bobo running the Georgia offense will lead to alot of points and wins in the coming years.

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