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Armed Robbery suspect may be linked to five crimes

December 29, 2006

Dougherty County-  New surveillance pictures show an Albany bank robbery and a Dougherty County Liquor Store robbery may be linked. Albany and Dougherty County Police had not compared pictures until WALB News Ten brought the similarities to their attention. Dougherty County Police stopped short of saying this is the work of a serial armed robber, but they think the same gunman may be responsible for at least five armed robberies.

Take a look at the unbelievable similarities in this surveillance video, the suspect who robbed the SunTrust Bank on Mock Road around ten o'clock Thursday morning appears to look a lot like the suspect who held up the Acree Package Store on Highway 82 near the Worth County line just ten hours earlier.

"There are quite a few similarities, the method in which the robberies are conducted, the biggest thing is the physical description of the suspect have all been very similar if not the same," said Lt. J.C. Phillips, Dougherty County Police.

The method of the robberies is also similar.

"Very deliberate, no hesitating, they come in with a weapon, whatever type of weapons they are and they go immediately to the register and it's never more than 10 or 15 seconds per robbery," said Phillips.

A similar description has also been given at three other robberies this month at the Radium Springs Food Mart, at Dora's Beer and Wine on Highway 19 at McKenzie, and at the Inland Convenience Store on Mock Road not far from SunTrust Bank. A witness outside the bank when the suspect dropped his hood gave Albany Police more information.

"We had some witnesses on the scene that once the dye pack exploded, the individual was spotted by a witness and that's what we're working on that," said Lt. James Williams, Albany Police Department.

That witness told police their suspect is a black man. While police aren't sure if he's connected with these robberies, Albany police want you to take a good look at Reginald Gordon who's wanted for other armed robberies.

"We do have a picture of a Reginald Gordon who's wanted for armed robbery, we're asking the community if they have any information pertaining to him we're asking that they contact us," said Williams.

With the community's help police hope their can catch this suspect soon, stopping what's become a dangerous trend. "It has become a trend and he's becoming a little bit more bold and he might become a danger to somebody later on. I hope he doesn't graduate to homicide," said Phillips.

Anyone with information on the crimes is urged to call Albany Police, the FBI, or Dougherty County Police. All three are offering separate rewards in these cases.