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Tis the season to recycle

December 28, 2006

Albany -- After Christmas is one of the worst times for waste, but not all of that holiday trash has to end up in the dump.

Recycling centers in Albany are busy this week. Workers say many people are dropping off cardboard boxes from Christmas presents. They say many people don't like to leave them out with the trash because criminals can see what expensive new items the people got for Christmas.

"We've been getting everything after Christmas, especially cardboard boxes because a lot of folks bringing cardboard boxes out because they don't want to put them beside the road where thieves and see them and find out what they got. They bring a lot of cardboard boxes around here," said Willie Hayes.

Another thing that adds to the trash after Christmas are old electronics or other outdated household items. Recycling when possible cuts back on the extra waste trash collectors have to deal with.

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