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People seek help with new tech toys

December 28, 2006

Albany -- MP3 players were a popular gift item this Christmas, but some people who opened their I-Pods for the first time were left wondering "How does this thing work?"

Circuit City sold out of Apple I-pods just before Christmas, but some of those high tech gifts were returned to the store by frustrated new owners who couldn't figure out how to work them.

The store now has an MP3 specialist giving new digital music player owners training on how to sync the player to the computer and add music. The specialist uses a step-by-step power point presentation to help new owners use their music player.

"Most people are so used to having the CDs and swapping out the CDs that they're not really technically inclined to understand how to use an MP3 player, as far as downloading music, putting the music on the MP3 player, and so on and so forth. That's why we have the whole set up of teaching people how to use them, giving them a little bit of knowledge so they won't get so discouraged about it," said Derek McDonald.

MP3 player training sessions are free at Circuit City until Saturday.



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