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I-75 holiday traffic helps Tifton Businesses

December 28, 2006

Tifton - Many people are still traveling home from Christmas vacation. While the congestion on roadways may be frustrating for drivers, it's great news for businesses located near high traffic areas.

There's not much going on at Name droppers in Tifton, so finally, workers have a chance to catch up. "This is actually the first day we've had to kind of tear down, recoup and really get our stock ready for the next year," says co-owner Julie Berry.

That's because during the past few weeks they've been slammed with business... but no one's complaining. She says, "It definitely helps being in this location because we're so accessible to all the different communities-- to Ashburn, Sylvester-- so it makes it very convenient being right off the interstate."

An interstate that stays busy year round, but is filled to the max when folks hit the road for the holidays. "Right as the season was kicking in, they started flowing in," says Hope Spradley, manager of Larry's Giant Subs, which has only been open for a few months.

Spradley says the influx of holiday traffic was very apparent and very welcome. "Crazy. We would have them by the droves. Families. Sometimes 8-10 on one ticket." She says she noticed out of state tags leaving the parking lot everyday during the holiday season. She says, "they can stop and get t-shirts, stop and get something to eat, fuel up, change a tire at Walmart and they can get right back on the road."

And she hopes that maybe on their way back, they'll stop here again. Employees at both businesses say they also thrive off the businesses around them that are drawing in holiday shoppers this time of year.  

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