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Bogus bucks in Sylvester

December 28, 2006

Sylvester - - Counterfeit money is showing up in Sylvester and police want you to double check cash you receive so you won't become a victim. 

This month, three Sylvester businesses reported receiving counterfeit money. The first incident happened at 3 Squares Diner. Police arrested 20 year old Bruce Johnson for passing a bogus 100 dollar bill there.

Then last weekend, workers at Club Celebrity received a fake 10 dollar bill.

This week, counterfeit money was discovered at Burger King. 

"It's a felony offense. They can receive up to 10 years if the judge wants to give them 10 years for it because it's a felony. Just for passing fake money," says Sylvester Police Chief Tony Strenth.

Chief Strenth says you need to examine the money you receive. Observe the size of the bill. Counterfeit ones are often smaller.

Also, feel it. Many times, forgers will wash the bills so they don't appear to be brand new.


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