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Police looking for check scammers

December 28, 2006

Sylvester - -  Police are looking for a man and woman who are cashing bogus checks. 

 Police say 22 year old Olivia Gilbert and 20 year old L.C. Blassingame created fake payroll checks and cashed them.

Police already arrested 20 year old Tiffany McMullion who they say was an accomplice.

The three live in Valdosta but police say they targeted businesses in Sylvester for the check scam.  

"Repeated offenses, looks like they're using duplicate checks. Checks with the same check number on them just different businesses names and going place to place cashing these checks," says Capt. Kevin Parten.

L.C. Blassingame is also wanted in Ashburn, Fitzgerald and Dublin.

Captain Parten says bogus lottery sweepstakes are also appearing more than usual. He says if you get a check in the mail saying you won money, requesting that you reply to the company with money, call police.

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