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Battling the bulge

December 28, 2006

Valdosta - Christmas is over and thousands of people are exchanging those unwanted gifts.

But others may have received something a bit harder to get rid of.  "It discourages many people who have worked hard all year to maintain their goal weight," says Sandra Tucker, a clinical dietician at South Georgia Medical Center.

It's the post holiday bulge, an unfortunate left over from holiday feasts.  And lots of South Georgians are making their New Years resolutions to battle this bulge.  "New Years resolution, that's mainly everyone's goal to loose weight, look better, feel better, staying healthy and stuff," says Cody Englemann, a membership consultant at Boom Fitness.

This has many people running to their local gym, to get that new body for the new year.  "In December, we might sign 100 people up and it triples maybe to 400! 4 or 500, something like that.  It's a big increase," Englemann adds.

But doing too much too soon could be just as unhealthy as those extra pounds.  "Again, you might have to work into it. I think you increase your level of failure if you try to do to much to soon," Tucker says.

All health experts agreed that on top of getting active, beginning healthy eating habits and monitoring portion sizes should help shave off those pounds.

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