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Get your finances in check for the New Year

December 27, 2006

Albany--  Financial planners say the New Year is a good time to get your financial future in order.

Along with other New Year's resolutions, mapping out your money should be on the list. Marilyn Hedrick with AG Edwards says the biggest step is getting rid of debt especially from credit cards.

She also says no matter how big or small your income, you should try to save some money every month. You can put it away for retirement or for emergencies.

"The emergencies are what tend to really grab us and make havoc in our life if we don't have any money set aside to take care of them," said Hedrick.

Hedrick says once you pay down your debt and tuck a good amount of money away safely, then you can look into investing. She says mutual funds are safe and easy and money market accounts also give a good rate of return.



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