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Group offers medicare recipients help

December 27, 2006

Albany--  As the year ends, many seniors are scrambling to understand and sign up for Medicare plans. Thousands were confused back in May when the first Medicare Prescription plan went into effect and caused problems for many Medicare recipients. Now, as a new deadline quickly approaches there is still Medicare confusion.    

The McKinney's will be the first to tell you that the federal government's Medicare plans are a challenge to understand.

"I could never get an understanding.  He told me one thing, then come to find out, it worked out to be another," said John McKinney. And with another deadline approaching on December 31st, Essie McKinney says she's confused.

"Yes I am and I really do need to know," said McKinney. Needing to know about Medicare plans is necessary when it comes to their health. The Bacon Senior Benefit Group is working to get them answers.

"To make sure that they understand the changes," said Earline Bacon with The Bacon Senior Benefit Group. Bacon admits the changes can be hard for anyone to comprehend with double information to take in.

"There only used to be two parts to Medicare and now there are four," said Bacon. The government recently added Medicare Part D which covers prescriptions for seniors but Bacon says many seniors don't even know about Medicare Part C. "Medicare Part C helps them in so many ways. It limits their out-of-pocket and then it gives them extra benefits," said Bacon.

So with so much information to digest, the group helps people like the McKinneys compare all the plans to make sure prescriptions are covered and that an educated choice is made for their health and it's all free.

"We really feel like this is our ministry. You know how a pastor goes out and supplies the word for somebody that's in need or depressed? We feel like there are too many people out there that take advantage of people in situations like this," said Bacon.

Essie and John McKinney now have a better grip on their future health. "That made me feel good about it because she explained what it does, what it won't do and how it does you know," said John.

"That's good. That's what I need," said Essie.

They're now signed up and no longer confused about Medicare changes.

Bacon says the plans change every year so it's important to read up on the Medicare books the government sends out each year. It can be hard to digest so seniors should never be afraid or hesitant to ask questions.

So far, the Bacon Senior Benefit Group has helped about 150 seniors get the right plan chosen.  They help people all over Georgia.

If you need help or want to help out, you can call them at 229-296-0191.  You may also dial toll-free 1-877-225-5928 and enter 775-269-8028#.  



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