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Garbage collectors busiest time of the year

December 27, 2006

Albany -- It's the busiest time of the year for garbage collectors. Gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, and tissue paper by the tons are stacked high in almost every garbage can in South Georgia.

Now garbage services are working overtime to try and haul it all away. Trans Waste Services trucks are not slowing down. Their men are almost running as they pick up the after Christmas trash load.

Lead Driver Wayne Brown said "It's the worst time of the year for the garbage business."

Boxes from gifts of every kind are stacked up behind most trash cans in Albany alleys.  A mountain of trash that comes down in an avalanche this week. Brown said "on just a normal week of garbage we run about 14 tons per day. Now we are running 25, sometimes 30 tons per day, in garbage."

The large amount of trash per household fills up the trucks, causing more trips to the dump to unload.  Brown said "We usually dump one time a day. Now we are dumping three times." Tuesday night the Trans Waste garbage collectors worked until 9:00PM to finish their run, and it looks like another full days and nights the rest of the week.

Brown said "Everybody else has a nice Christmas, that means we have a lots more to do. And we keep a job this way."

Garbage men say their love of the holidays is tested by the work they know is facing them after Christmas, the busiest trash time of the year.

The Trans Waste workers say judging from the number of empty boxes they are picking up in Albany, they say it was obviously a good economic year for area stores.  


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