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Your old tree can help

December 27, 2006

Albany -- Albany public works will use your Christmas Tree this year to help local businesses.

City of Albany trash collectors will pick up your Christmas Tree the first week of January with your regular yard waste.

They will grind those Christmas Trees to wood chips, and send most of them to Procter and Gamble's Albany plant to fire their boilers. The rest will be available for landscapers to use as mulch.  

"We'll pick it up, take it to our inert landfill, so you don't need to transport your Christmas Tree anywhere," says Albany Public Works Director Phil Roberson. "You leave it at the curbside."  

Roberson said they hope in the future to have enough wood chips from collected yard waste to sell to the public, but now they are pleased that no Christmas Trees will be dumped at the landfill.


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