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Horse owners beware

December 27, 2006

Valdosta --  A respiratory disease is suspected of killing at least five horses in Florida, and local horse farmers fear it could spread to South Georgia.

On top of killing several horses, the airborne virus, Equine Herpes, has caused the cancellation of several equestrian events and the quarantine of many Florida barns.

Horse farmers in South Georgia say they are aware of the treat the virus has and must take extra precaution to keep their horses from contracting and spreading the disease.

Justamire Farms Owner Amanda Adamski says, "I tell people to monitor your water supply very closely, make sure you never share your water with other horses, if you feed your horse out of a feed bucket, make sure you don't feed the other horses out of that bucket."

The disease does not affect humans but they can carry on their hands and shoes.


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