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Here's a shocker--gas prices went up... again!

December 26, 2006

Albany - No doubt you've noticed that gas prices have been creeping back up. For the Christmas holiday period, the price for regular unleaded gas has risen to an average of $2.34 a gallon nationwide. It's not that high here in Albany, but has still gone up to about $2.21.

Tony Derosso says that's not a surprise. "I think it's not a coincidence," he says. "Everybody's used to it. It's the way business is done, I guess, for them to get a little extra money."

Gas prices are up nearly a dime a gallon from a month ago. Here in Georgia, we're luckier than folks in some states, we average $2.23 for regular unleaded, but listen to this, drivers in Hawaii pay $2.82 per gallon.



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