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After Christmas sales are hot

December 26, 2006

Albany - It rivals the Day after Thanksgiving for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Shoppers looking to save big bucks on year-end sales are out tonight hoping for even larger discounts on the day after Christmas.

Betty Walker was really excited about shopping today, maybe a little too excited. She says, "We were here at 7 O'clock this morning." The only problem with her early arrival is the fact that the stores weren't expecting her so soon. "We had to wait on every thing to open."

But she didn't give up, once the locks were off, so was she. Buying, "Ornaments, and Christmas rugs."

And Walker wasn't alone. Hundreds of people filled the Albany mall hoping for a steal of a deal. Dorothy Wimes says, "My husband's at one place shopping and I'm here."

Like she does every year, Dorothy Wimes drove up with her family from Meigs to do some shopping. "I love clothes, jewelry, I got two pairs of shoes."

And while the day after Christmas sales aren't necessarily a tradition for everyone, "This is the first time. I usually don't get out," said Fran McCluster. It may soon become a tradition, because she found some, "pretty good deals."

And lots of fun. "Always," says Walker.  "It's the most fun part of the season to me." A season filled with shopping, before and after the holidays.